Activated carbon for wastewater treatment
    Activated carbon has high-quality adsorption characteristics for wastewater containing water-soluble dyes such as positive ion dyes, dry dyes, acid dyes, reactive dyes, etc.; but for wastewater that cannot dissolve dyes such as sulfur dyes, vat dyes, etc. coal activated carbon pellets The degree of ablation is low, and the adsorption time must be very long. Activated carbon cannot adsorb most of them or adsorb very little.   What kind of activated carbon is used for colorant wastewater...
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    Application of activated carbon for water purification in waterworks
    Activated carbon adsorption filtration is the latter process in the water treatment filtration process of the water plant, which is the deep treatment of tap water. In the treatment of industrial water supply, if the water quality requirements are not high, tap water can be used. granular activated carbon (gac) There is no pre-treatment, and there is no clear water activated carbon pre-treatment; but for the production of pure water and high-purity water, it is not only necessary to...
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    Do you know the chemical composition of coconut shell activated carbon
    The chemical composition of coconut shell activated carbon contains not only carbon, but also a small amount of chemically linked oxygen and hydrogen, such as carbonyl, carboxyl, phenols, lactones, quinones, and ethers. yongruida granular carbon These oxides and complexes are rich in appearance, Some are derived from raw materials, and some are generated by the effects of air or water vapor during and after activation.   Sometimes surface sulfides and chlorides are also generated. In the...
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