What are the types of Emery and how to use Emery?
    What is emery Among the wear-resistant products, many people do not know much about silicon carbide, and many people think that emery is silicon carbide. black silicon carbide price In fact, silicon carbide is not only a product of silicon carbide, but also other products. Guangya emery mainly contains the following four products: brown corundum, white corundum, black corundum, silicon carbide.   Classification of emery There are many types of emery, if we have to talk about the raw...
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    How is activated carbon degraded?
    Activated charcoal doesn't decay, but it can lose potency if it's not stored properly. The reason is that porous structure and absorbent nature.   Once you open a package of activated charcoal, the timer starts ticking. See, the air itself is full of all kinds of stuff. There's moisture, there are little particles of everything from smoke to chemical fumes to bathroom residue. yongruida activated carbon pellets There are bacteria and viruses and mold spores. 99% of this stuff is harmless...
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